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RollingshelvesOnline.com was the first to create pullout rolling shelves with dovetail construction. We offer consumers and home builders a unique patent pending commercial quality pullout sliding shelf design. Rollingshelves.com is one of Arizona's high end quality custom cabinet making shops.

Founded in 1999, Rolling Shelves developed a wide portfolio of custom cabinet designs. By buiding and installing the highest quality custom cabinets. Rolling Shelves has built it's reputation on kitchen and bath remodels. Through multiple projects, we realized that what customers wanted, was the ease and practicality of pullout sliding shelves for their new kitchens.

RollingShelvesOnline.com was developed to provide the homeower with the same quality construction, combined with the unique pullout sliding shelf design, in a simple to install format that would allow the homeowner a high quality product, while saving money by letting them install it themselves.



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