The pullout cabinet drawer is engineered in a way where dovetail grooves run the entire length of the front and back pieces. Then male dovetails are routered to the sides and are able to slip into the front and back pieces.

Our rolling cabinet drawers do not need an existing shelf to be mounted into your cabinets. You simply mount the supplied drawer slides to the face frame and then to the back of the cabinet with supplied rear mount sockets. So even if you have those little 1/2 shelves in your lower cabinets, you can easily use our product. Built for easy installation, we offer mount to shelf brackets which simply screw to a full depth shelf or cabinet floor.

Dovetail Animated

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Rolling Shelf-Natural
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What are the pull out rolling shelves made of?

We use 9 ply 1/2" Baltic Birch which is 3-1/2" tall for the back and sides and 13 ply 3/4" Baltic Birch which is 2-1/4" tall for the front.

The bottoms are 1/2" white Melamine which is very easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Drawer Guides

Our guides are manufactured by Blum.

If you've ever bought cabinet hardware, you would know that Blum is the industry standard for high quality drawer guides. Blum constructs their guides so well that they offer a lifetime guarantee.

These guides are rated to hold 100 lbs. of weight with the shelf fully extended.

Dovetail Constructin

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larger image drawers are built with dovetail grooves that actually lock themselves together so they can withstand the constant pulling and closing your cabinet shelf will have to endure. These cabinet grooves hold up where others will fail.

For centuries, Dovetail construction has proven itself to be the best. Our competitors cut corners by using Dadoed construction which is not as strong.


These rolling drawers are available in a natural, hand sanded finish. Feel free to leave them as is or stain them to match your cabinets



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